Over the past two years, we have been building the cluster of companies we are privately accelerating. What started as one has become five, and we have helped each of these companies scale and growth-hack with our unique ValRes approach. Our stewardship has seen a total of £5 million raised, over 30 staff onboarded and three of our companies being listed in Yorkshire’s 50-most exciting companies of 2023. One company was awarded a Rising Star by Sifted.

The success of this acceleration has inspired the founding of the Venture.Community Accelerator program as we look to deliver high-quality support and mentorship to more companies in our ecosystem. Here you can explore the companies we have been accelerating under our Boutique Red Paisley.

Red Paisley – CyberPhysical

Peter Hopton – Founder of Venture.Community, Iceotope and VeryPC

Run by Peter Hopton, Red Paisley focuses on the CyberPhysical and Deep Digital Technology.

Peter has raised over £50m for start-ups worldwide in a mix of equity and grants (Horizon, Innovate, DASA and ARPA)

With a clearly successful formula and great traction, Red Paisley is an attractive Boutique to work with, but has limited capacity.

Our Accelerating Companies

Productive Machines, An AI-powered milling software enabling companies to significantly improve overall equipment effectiveness. This streamlines production and can reduce inefficiencies by up to 50% and increase productivity by up to 110%. Recently, Productive Machines launched the world’s first autonomous milling optimisation software; SenseNC Finesse.

Under Venture.Community acceleration, Sifted awarded Erdem and Productive Machines a rising star. Erdem and Productive Machines have successfully raised a Seed round totalling £2.3m.

Productive Machines have continued to rapidly scale and are being backed by investment from Boeing HorizonX, UKI2S, Fuel Ventures and Mercia.


Venture.Community was instrumental in helping us to secure our Seed round which enabled us to scale from 8 staff to 17.

Peter has over 20 years of experience with start-ups, his expertise has helped us find the right approach and make the right decisions in our journey. We recently launched the world’s first autonomous milling optimisation software, SenseNC Finesse.

Peter is a great source of support to me as a mentor. I know he will always be there for us when we need advice, or help

BOW, A robotics Software Platform providing the first competent hardware-agnostic solution to robotic application development. They are unlocking application portability, interoperability and in turn the full potential of robotics.

Using Venture.Community’s ValRes framework, the venture potential of the company could be understood and issues to be overcome became clear. From there Venture.Community helped BOW build a world-class team, reshape its capital structure and guide a strategic restructuring of the business model, aligning it more closely with BOW’s foundational vision. Building up a team around the leadership and vision of company Founder, Daniel Camilleri. Since, BOW has received fantastic commercial feedback and raised from top Super-Angels.



“In the critical area of capital funding, Venture.Communitys support has been instrumental. They have refined our messaging, focusing on delivering a clear and impactful narrative to potential investors. Their approach helped clarify the value proposition of our business, effectively balancing potential rewards against risks. Through their extensive network, Venture.Community facilitated multiple introductions to venture capitalists, which was invaluable.” 

“BOW’s journey with Venture.Community has been transformative, marking a phase of significant evolution and readiness for future challenges. We are immensely grateful for the guidance, which has been delivered with a perfect balance of professionalism and genuine support.”

TUBR, An AI and ML software enabling highly accurate data analytics from small or incomplete data sets. They provide 80-85% accuracy from 20% of the data typically required in a ‘complete data set.’ No “in-house” manual data crunching or data science capabilities is required to use their dynamic model which will only get better as it learns the complexities, specificities, and trends of your factor impact. Unlike other prediction engines, TUBR uses a physic-based methodology to anticipate consistently changing trends. Their machine learning as a service (MLaaS) can make predictions in real-time, 7, 14, and 21 days into the future allowing you to effectively manage your assets while reducing costs and improving customer experience.


“There are many ways Venture.Community have helped me and TUBR. First, their network, being constantly connected to the right people who don’t waste your time. Every introduction has been highly valuable.

My mentorship has always been tailored to my needs in that moment, which has allowed me to break down barriers and focus on the crucial elements of my business. At the beginning of our acceleration, Venture.Community and TUBR did a ValRes session which decompartmentalised the necessary focuses for us to grow. This has led to a highly structured approach, adding efficiency and clarity to our work, turning the dark art of business into more of an engineering approach – now we’re building to that design and analysis.

As a founder I felt constantly stretched between the commercial side of growth and working on our product. Now, I have had the time to work on both without compromising the quality of either. This wider commercial support allowed me as a founder to better my commercial capabilities and save me time to continue working on the technical side as well.

Finally, I’d say the guidance has helped me navigate my relationship management. The infrastructure and support surrounding my business relationships has allowed me to follow my vision and retain control as a founder.”

Dash Tabor

Founder and CEO of TUBR