‘Finding Your Product Market Fit’ By Founders For Founders.

Slides from: Ampere.Events ‘Finding Your Product Market Fit’ By Founders For Founders.

Gary Neville

Another brilliant Ampere.Event completed!The energy in the room was tangible as our speakers got deep into the nitty gritty of not just Product Market Fit, but also the importance of Traction and Social Media for startups!

Our Speakers!

We heard from three fantastic presenters yesterday. Here are their intoductions:

James Peberdy

James Peberdy – a Former strategic account executive at Salesforce and Elastic, as well as regional sector head of finance for Vodaphone. With specialities spanning Sales, Sales Management, Coaching, Service Management, Programme Management, Vendor Management, and Partner Development, encompassing diverse domains such as SaaS, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, CRM, Networking, SD-WAN, IoT, and Mobile.

Topic – ‘Values and Outcomes How is Sales Evolving? (Discovery, Discovery, & More Discovers)!’

Gary Neville

Gary Neville – Co-Founder of Chimp Marketing Agency, current Director of People and Operations at Capital Enterprise and former Chief Operations Officer at Razor. Gary has a wealth of experience having worked in many roles under many fantastic companies in Sheffield. This experience has sharpened his ability to identify and leverage key operational insights, leading to the successful execution of strategic objectives.

Topic: ‘Forget Product Market Fit’

Peter Hopton

Peter Hopton – Founder of Icetope, VeryPC, and Ampere Events. With experience in founding and running companies from the moment of ideational conception, right through to Series B, Peter has a wealth of experience to draw from when analysing how to approach PMF.

Topic: ‘ValRes – a process for brainstorming product market fit.’

Our Community

Thank you again to James, Gary, and Peter for your energy, enthusiasm and intellect! It truly was a stimulating affair!

We would like to thank Daniel Camilleri from BOW for sponsoring this event!

Thank you to our organisers Nick Dytczak MidworthPeter Hopton and Creative Space Management for putting this event together!

But most importantly thank you to all the wonderful attendees who joined us! Your contributions were riveting and the debates you sparked led to excellent discourse!

Check out the content from our last fantastic event!

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