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#Pitching Companies! – Introducing KYCKER

Introducing Our Next Pitching Company; KYCKER! – Steve Harrison

Ampere.Events is delighted to announce that Kycker will be one of the companies presenting their deck at our upcoming Investor + (Practise) Pitching Event, on March 26th!

Ampere welcomes Kycker’s CEO, Steve Harrison, to showcase their innovative Music PaaS solution.


Founded in 2018, Kycker is giving back control to independent artists, creatives and visionaries in the music industry! Harnessing Blockchain technology, Kycker has distribution to over 950 digital platforms enabling their users to manage their Artist Development journey. 

Kycker is a one-stop, free-to-join online artist development platform that gives independent artists the ability to release their music to all major stores, track and collect their performance royalties and build a live fan base. 

Offering exclusive educational video content, hosted by high-ranking music industry individuals, Kycker gives emerging artists the knowledge they need to grow a career for themselves. Every artist has the potential to create a successful DIY career, but only if they have the tools and knowledge to make it happen. This is what Kycker is for.

The Team

Stephen Harrison, CEO

CEO, Steve Harrison, has previously Co-Founded and grown three still-thriving companies in the environmental, health and construction sectors. Following the pandemic, he decided to pursue his first love, the music industry. Being a releasing artist, Steve has dedicated himself to educating music artists in business practises, helping them unlock the full potential of their careers.

Frank Wilkes, Founder

Founder, Frank Wilkes, has over 30 years of experience in the music industry specialising in Artist Development. Frank has encountered all aspects of the trade through his dynamic career, from band management to Directing record labels.

Kycker has leveraged lifetime experience in the music industry with its cutting-edge PaaS technology.

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The Market

In 2023 the global revenue from recorded music was $28.2Bn, with Goldman Sachs anticipating this to grow a further 60% by 2030. Streams for Independent artists accounted for 26% of this sum growing from its 15% market share in 2018. 

With over 100,000 tracks released every day, this titan of an industry waiting to be captured by Kycker.


Kycker has the expertise, the product and the market fit to match. With exciting new features in the pipeline, after securing a seed round investment this is certainly one to watch in the Music-Tech space.

Come and see Kycker pitch for yourself at the Ampere X STP Investor Event + !Pitching (Practise)! In Sheffield, the secret Startup capital of the UK (Ssssshhhh)! March 26th, 2-5 PM at Electric Works.

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