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#Pitching Companies! Introducing BOW – Bettering Our Worlds

Introducing Our First Pitching Company! BOW (Bettering Our Worlds) – Nick Thompson & Daniel Camilleri

Ampere.Events is delighted to announce that BOW (Bettering Our Worlds) will be one of the companies presenting their deck at our upcoming Investor + Pitching Event, on March 26th!

Ampere welcomes Daniel Camilleri (Founder/CTO) and Nick Thompson (CEO) to showcase the remarkable technologies they have developed at BOW.

About BOW

BOW is a robotics software engine, breaking down the barriers to entry for robotics through its hardware-agnostic, interoperatable approach. With BOW developers can program robotics applications which can run on any robot with a BOW driver, regardless of their form, manufacturer, or location. 

Through their user-friendly SDK and ‘code once, deploy anywhere’ approach, BOW’s cutting-edge robotics platform simplifies software development. Therefore BOW empowers developers to create innovative solutions for diverse robotics applications. 

By providing a unified platform, BOW enables all developers the ability to create software for all robotics. Ergo, unlocking the full potential of automation. 

Additionally, BOW was voted one of Yorkshire Business Insider’s 50 Most Exciting Companies for 2024, was a 2023 graduate of Octopus Springboard accelerator, and has recently been accepted onto the Deep Tech Labs accelerator program 2024. 

The Team

Equally impressive is the fantastic team working on BOW.

Nick Thompson Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO, Nick Thompson, was the Founder/CEO of the prestigious Dev-House One Beyond, growing it from a team of 3 to 300 during his ten years as CEO before exiting in 2022 to private equity. His career acknowledgements include LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2022, Thames Valley Tech Awards 2022 – Leadership Team of the Year and Best Companies Top 75 Tech Companies to work for in the UK, all in 2022 alone. 

Daniel Camilleri Founder & CTO

Alongside the greatly distinguished and experienced CEO is one of the UK Tech sector’s truly brilliant ones to watch: Daniel Camilleri. Founder and CTO of BOW, Daniel has a Masters in Computation intelligence and Robotics from the University of Sheffield. His expertise centres around combining neuroscience, psychology and robotics to create novel bio-inspired and embodied learning algorithms.

The Market

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BOW has the magical trifecta; the right idea, the best team and a rapidly growing market. BOW’s product is capable of reshaping the way the robotics industry functions and their team exhibits top-tier talent. But what of the Robotics industry as a market? 

Well, it might be a shock to some but the robotics industry is at an inflection point and is seemingly about to explode. With a CAGR of over 20% and an estimated Market Cap of $160B by 2030, BOW offers a 100x opportunity to any investors looking to add a potential unicorn to their portfolio. 


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BOW encapsulates all the qualities of the Sheffield Startup ecosystem. An innovative, world-leading, future-proof, industry 4.0 solution to a global problem which is all substance no hype. 

Come and see BOW pitch for yourself at the Ampere X STP Investor Event + !Pitching (Practise)! In Sheffield, the secret Startup capital of the UK (Sssshhhh)! March 26th, 2-5 PM at Electric Works.

How to Attend?

Founder Tickets can be found here: https://venture.community/event/ampere-events-x-stp-investor-event-pitching/

Investor tickets can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ampere-x-stp-pitching-day-for-investors-tickets-849498150837 

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